Meet the team

 We envision a world in which the country that someone is born does not affect their knowledge of healthy lifestyles and preventative health measures. We envision a world in which cultural barriers do not disenfranchise people from preventative care, contraception, or sexual health. In a cost-effective fashion, we are working to eliminate avoidable health problems by increasing public knowledge of these preventative health measures. We are also aiming to empower clinics to conduct cheaper outreach and maintain a closer connection to their patient populations. And finally, we are working to reduce the barriers for schools, clinics, and NGOs to conduct innovative health education across the globe. By accomplishing these individual goals, we are pursuing our vision of a global population that is educated and empowered to obtain vital healthcare.

Graham Treasure
Co-Founder, Director

In May 2017, Graham graduated from University of North Carolina with a degree in Economics. He has previously worked in medical research and global health systems. He is currently a Business Analyst at McKinsey and Company.

Clayton Swords
Co-Founder, CFO

Clayton graduated in 2018 with a degree in Chemistry from UNC at Chapel Hill. He is currently working in a laboratory developing innovative methods of drug delivery to prevent HIV and other diseases.  He plans on attending medical school.

Jonathan Alvarez
Co-Founder, CTO

Jonathan is a senior Biomedical Engineering student at UNC Chapel Hill. He has experience in soft robotics and prosthetics.